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The Way We Wore, Presented by Celeste Barber

Documentary Series

3 x 52mins

The Way We Wore is a vibrant exploration of the Australian fashion industry, hosted by actress, internet sensation and fashion icon, Celeste Barber. This three-part documentary series uncovers the cultural and historical significance of fashion in Australia, revealing how the clothes we wear provide intimate and surprising insights into the evolution of our country.
Brimming with rich archival material, and deeply personal interviews with some of the country’s fashion greats, The Way We Wore lays bare why fashion matters and reveals what it can tell us about who we are and where we are going.


The Way We Wore, Presented by Celeste Barber / 2023

Writer / Director




Executive Producer

Nel Minchin

Sarah Noonan

Jo-anne McGowan

Nel Minchin

Jennifer Peedom